My 5 Winter Staples

Winter is my favorite season! That and summer, and fall. Spring is pretty great as well. Since winter arrives so late in California, I tend to dream about it as the 90 degree weather lingers late into November and the sweaters, boots and coats are coming out of the closet in the east! By the time the cooler weather sets in, I have had outfits layed out for weeks and am ready to roll! Winter dressing clearly doesn’t have to be limited. In my house growing up, the rule was that you could wear short sleeve shirts or pants if the weather was 60 degrees or higher. Given that and that I’m a white jeans all year kind of person, my personal winter fashion rules are very loose but, it’s still fun to have those simple staples out and ready to wear!

Here are my top 5 picks for Winter Staples!

1- A good jean

I love jeans. I have too many jeans but in fairness, I wear them a lot. Lately I have been stretching my love for denim beyond the basic straight leg or bootcut. I find it is an easy and casual way to have some fashion fun!

2- A FUN sweater!

The best way to dress up a casual pair of jeans? A fun top! I do have a rule I tend to follow when getting dressed. A few actually but here are 3 quick and easy ones! 1- Top or bottom! You don’t need to make a statement in both places. 2- Lip OR eye. Again, one little pop is enough to make your impression. 3- one baggy piece at a time. If I have a fitted (or fairly fitted) top, I look for a looser bottom, fitted bottom, make the top interesting! These are some ways I hurry up my morning decision making process!

3-Simple Shades.

A nice standard everyday pair of glasses (in black and in tortoise) that will not take away from your face or outfit is my go to. I love a standard rayban or something nice and simple. Everytime I overdo it on the glasses, I regret it!

4- A Simple sneaker! A few maybe. I’m not sure about you but, I am fully enjoying the sneaker trend. I love a simple white one with a little detail, nothing too crazy. Something you can wear with anything, and maybe a second pair for when you have to wash the others!

5-A neutral color shoulder bag!

We are all doing too much these days. Carrying kids and gear, grocery shopping on the run, carpool, sports, errands… life is good that we have all of this but, lordy we need or hands free! I love a good neutral bag that will go with blacks or browns, dress up or down that you can have fully stocked with your wallet, keys, lip gloss, shades and kids snacks. I still love a good tote bow and then but there’s nothing that says I’m late, lets go like your cross body go-to.