Wedding Guests

We’ve put together a list of the types guests you see at every wedding (& what they would wear)!

Comment below which one is your favorite!

Happy wedding season Xx

My Best Friends Wedding

You haven’t seen her in her in years but she is basically family!

The Wedding Crasher

She blends right in & she’s a good time! Why not let her stay for a slice of cake?

The Ex-Girlfriend

But it’s ok- they’re “just friends” now…

“The Judge”

You’ll want to sit next to her at dinner. She’s got the scoop on everyone and is willing to dish.

“Here For The Open Bar”

Aren’t we all?

“The Out Of Towner”

She’s not from around here, but she will be your best friend by the end of the night!

“The Single One”

This is basically a singles mixer for her.

“Your New Best Friend”

Sure, you just met, but you already have your next coffee date in the books with your new BFF

What type of wedding guest are you??