I’ll Be The One In Head To Toe Sequins

When I initially opened M, my vision was driven from the love and excitement I have for the world of fashion and beauty.  I was eager to create an “extension of my closet” so to say.  A little beautiful jewel box, a place where people could go to dress up and portray all of the many extensions of themselves through style.  It has become all that I hoped it would; a fantasy land. 

My hope of the designers we would represent at M has been driven by the talented people that I’ve watched for decades.  The passion and endless effort they put into their creations, their art; their joy.  It is something I have truly respected about the fashion industry since I first was introduced to it, almost 30 years ago!  I think a lot of us look at fashion and generally find it easy to take it for granted and judge it based on our own style, desire, personality, and budget (I am at fault here just as much as the next person). It was in getting to know the people, the processes and the stories behind the products we see for sale in front of us that created the love I feel for the industry, their talent and ultimately, for their designs.  

It is for this reason that I am so honored and excited to represent the Temperley brand at M.  Temperley is a brand I truly respect.  Alice is a true leader for women today,  and it shows in her and in her designs.  From Alice and her collections over the years, I see the woman I desire to be. The one I hope my daughters can see themselves as.  Strong, bold, fearless, confident, sexy and driven.  She’s powerful but sensitive, knows right from wrong, what she wants and how to get it.  She is kind, sweet, funny and smart.  The Temperley woman is independent and should not have to do it all but, sure can if she wants to.  She can take on the world by force in whatever way she desires and she can look damn good doing it.  I know not every woman is the Temperley kind of girl but, I sure am proud to be friends with so many of you and to be one myself.  

Thanks so much to so many of you I know I will see later this week! I know you will not be disappointed!

I’ll be the one in head to toe sequins.

xxx, Maggie


  1. Gloria Hill on October 26, 2023 at 2:37 am

    Love the green dress. It reminds me of one I had in the 1960’s!